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Why I started this blog

One of the most iconic images in cinema. Ethan Edwards ( John Wayne) heads back out into the wild after returning Debbie to her parents at the end of The Searchers(John Ford, 1956)

Shosanna running away from the home that sheltered her, as jew hunter Hans Landa finds out her hiding place. Inglourious Basterds(Quentin Tarantino,2009)

14-year old Mattie Ross heads out to join Rooster Cogburn in search of her fathers killer. True Grit (Coen Brothers, 2010)

The idea to finally start a blog about movies, and images in general, came to me while watching True Grit in the cinema some time ago. I saw the shot above and I smiled to myself. Why ? Because I only went to that cinema one time before to watch a regular movie ( watched a bunch of movies there at a film festival). And it was Inglourious Basterds . And I remember recognizing that shot from Tarantino’s movie as an obvious reference to the one in The Searchers. Funny is that I have never seen The Searchers. I just knew that image of John Wayne from reading around the internet about movies, and I was always impressed  with how much power this single image taken out of context had. Sometimes it’s this other image.

A lot of movies I know by still images before I actually see them. Like when you know a certain places from pictures before you actualy go there. But more about this in the ‘About’ section, once I actually write something there.

Fun Fact: John Wayne played Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 adaptation of True Grit .

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